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We will answere the most common questions here.

What is the price for Trading-Signals?

The trading signals are 100% free. And it will not even change. You do not even need to enter your bank data or credit card details.


Which broker can I trade the signals with?

The trading signals only work with the broker GBE brokers. Our trading systems that generate the signals also run on an account with GBE brokers. In order for you to get the same results as us, an account with GBE brokers is necessary.


Can I still trade manually in my account?

Yes! You can trade in the account manually at the same time. The copy software will not be disturbed by this. It automatically recognizes which positions are from you and which are from Trading-Signale.de.


Do I have to transfer my money to Trading-Signale.de?

No! The trading capital remains in your trading account. We do not get in touch with your capital and we do not need access to your account. You still decide what happens on your account.


Can I stop trading at any time?

Yes, you can stop trading at any time with just a few clicks. no more trades will be automatically executed on your account.


How are the signals traded on my account?

When you start with trading-signals, you will gain access to our reference account and an Expert Advisor software. With the copy software you can copy our trades from our account 1:1.


What do I need the trading Server for?

Our automatic trading systems operate 24/7 on the market. To ensure that every single signal can be copied, the copy software needs to run nonstop. This can only be realized with a trading server (VPS). You also receive this completely free from us.


How can I set it all up?

You will also receive a free video tutorial on how to install and set up everything.


What is our profit if everything is for free?

We We are building a well-visited platform with Trading-Signale.de to rent advertising space. The more traders use our trading signals, the more visitors we have on our website and the more interesting the website becomes as an advertising platform for companies.


Is a leverage of 1:30 enough or do I need a higher leverage?

A leverage of 1:30 is enough to copy our trading signals. The classification as “Professional Trader” is not mandatory. Of course, a higher leverage ensures that we can trade more volumes and therefore more profits but also losses can be achieved.


Can I trade the signals on a demo account?

No! Our trading signals can only be copied to a live account. Running the trading signals on a demo account would not do you any good. Rather the opposite: you invest your precious time to manage play money. Only a real market with real market conditions can really test a strategy, a trading robot or trading signals.


Why should I also trade with GBE brokers?

Our account from which you receive the trading signals from, is also registered on GBE brokers. To copy all activities from our account 1: 1, it is necessary to send the signals to a GBE account. Otherwise, you would run the risk that you will experience something different than our live account.

Any questions left?


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