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CFD and Forex trading involve significant risks and are considered to be highly speculative transactions which, in extreme cases, involve risks that may exceed the total loss of the capital invested. CFD and Forex trading may be subject to increased risk due to its leverage effect through economic and political developments. When using these tools, you must consciously accept very high risks and very high fluctuations in earnings, exchange rates, currencies and accounts in order to secure the long-term opportunity for very high capital growth.

Through the use of automatic trading systems, a large number of trading transactions can be executed in a short time. As a result, large leveraged positions in the trading portfolio can build up, which will be reduced only in the medium term. Especially with automatic trading systems can thus with these positions over this time a high book loss (drawdown) arise, which can lead to a significant loss and can also go beyond the total loss of capital invested. In trading transactions, trading systems sometimes only use market orders and no stop or limit orders. There are risks that technical losses (for example internet failure, hardware and software problems, faults in the trading system, failure of broker connection to order and price system) cause trading losses. The same trading systems can produce different results for different brokers. Positive results of trading strategies in the past are not an indicator of future profits.

Please note the following information when using our trading signals:

– Past Performance Indicators are not a guarantee of future performance. They can only represent an optimized representation of the past.

– Our trading systems have been developed to the best of our knowledge and belief. Despite careful programming errors may still exist. We accept no liability for errors in the programming of trading systems.

– Only use the trading systems after careful review and only if you are familiar with and agree with the functioning of the trading system.

– You should only trade with risk capital. The capital that you do not need to live and whose removal would not change your life circumstances.

– You use the trading systems at your own risk. You are responsible if the trading systems cause losses.

– Often the position size can not be determined individually directly before each order execution.

– Especially in the operation of trading systems, it is necessary to have an uninterrupted connection to the broker and the course supply.

– The purchase orders (especially for MKT orders) can be executed much worse than actually wanted. This can cause unwanted losses.

Programmed semi-automatic or fully automated trading systems should never be activated immediately upon receipt in a real money account. When operating on a demo account, you should make sure that the trading system is technically and logically 100% error free. When trading systems operate in addition to the same risks that exist in manual trading.

All semi-automatic and fully automated trading systems, indicators and analyzes are merely information and not recommendation or investment advice within the meaning of the Securities Trading Act. All published information (e.g., backtest results) has been reviewed to the best of its knowledge and belief. Nevertheless, we assume no liability for the accuracy.

Trading signals and automatic trading systems

All trades that you can copy with Trading-Signale.de come from automatic trading systems. Thus, all of the above instructions also apply especially for you when using Trading-Signale.de.

Trading VPS (Server)

The copy software can be installed on a free trading VPS from us. This remote computer (like any other computer) may fail at any time for reasons such as hardware failure, Internet connection or power problems, and other potential causes of erroneous operation. It may happen that the trading VPS is no longer turned on and therefore can no longer copy and manage trades. It may also be that you can no longer reach the trading VPS but the operation continues to run on the VPS. The trading VPS will not achieve 100% accessibility.

Therefore, we strongly recommend that you install a MetaTrader on your computer as well as on your smartphone or tablet as a precautionary measure. You should also store the phone number of the broker in the phone or mobile / smartphone, in order to contact the broker quickly in an emergency.

Copying of the trading signals

You have the option to automatically copy the trades from our reference account with a copy software. This is done fully automatically. Despite full automation, we strongly recommend keeping an eye on your trading account. It can happen that errors occur when copying the signals, such as:

– Individual trades are not copied

– The Stop Loss / Take Profit is not set correctly

– Orders / trades are no longer managed

– The traded volume is calculated incorrectly

– and much more

We strongly advise against running the copy software for days without checking!

Only copy the trading signals if you understand everything 100% and you are aware of the risks. Otherwise, we strongly recommend that you contact the broker or Trading-Signale.de first to clarify any open questions!


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